double automatic watch winder is a functional, useful tool for an automatic mechanical watch. Automatic mechanical watches have been getting popular significantly for the past few years. You need to keep moving it so that it stays accurate in showing time and dates. Or you can use a watch winder. But how to use this tool?

What is a Watch Winder?

A watch winder is a device that imitates the movement of your wrist in order to keep an automatic mechanical watch moving. Watch winders come in a variety of models and materials. If you have at least 2 automatic watches, a double automatic watch winder is suitable for you. With such a watch winder, you can wear one for your daily activities while putting the other one in the watch winder. The watch winder will keep your automatic watch moving by using a circular pattern to mimic human’s arms.

But if you only have one automatic watch, you can choose a single watch winder. Besides being functional, watches winders are also decorative. Decorative watch winders are usually made from leather or wood materials. There are also watch winders that have advanced features, such as temperature settings, storage drawer, synchronized time display, and even USB connection. The best double automatic watch winder is a great tool for luxury watch collectors.

How to Use a Watch Winder?

It is really easy to use a watch winder. You just need to put your luxury watch in the watch winder, then set up the rotation direction. Many automatic watches rely on the clockwise movement while some others rely on the counterclockwise movement. However, many experts suggest choosing a watch winder that has both clockwise and counterclockwise movements. It is because a single movement will cause the gear of the watch to wear and tear. Pick a suitable double automatic watch winder for your watch.

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