A watch winder is an electronic equipment that can keep your automatic watches wound. If you collect watches, then you might benefit from having a quad watch winder that can hold four and more timepieces. To obtain the best quad watch winder, consider these features while buying.

Build Quality

There are too many abysmal reviews about cheap watch winders that have no protection from their motor. This could cause your watch to get magnetized over time. But this shouldn’t be the case for a mid-market or luxury watch winder.

Turn-per-day Settings

The rotation of an automatic watch winder is the most important feature. Check to see if it has a variety of turn-per-day (TPD) options. Generally, a daily turn range of 650 to 1800 should be capable of catering to almost all kinds of automatic watches.

Position and Direction of Rotation

When looking for the best quad watch winder, make sure that the watch position inside the box is vertical or nearly vertical. Such a position allows the force of gravity on each cycle to be optimized, which means better winding. Moreover, a winder that can rotate in all directions is excellent because different watches may have different rotational directions.


A lot of users have complained about the amount of noise that watch winders generate while in use. But, thanks to sophisticated technology, winders can now operate smoothly without making any noise. You can even get a less expensive watch winder box that makes zero noise easily.

Power Source

Usually, watch winders either use a power adapter or rechargeable batteries, or both. A power adaptor is an excellent and consistent energy supply, while rechargeable batteries are your go-to if you travel a lot. Luckily, many of the best quad watch winder brands in the market have offered both options.

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